Repair the logical failure. To recognize them is easy. In the case of the causes of failure map of the memory detected by the computer, but is perceived as empty or unformatted. The files that were on it were recorded during the last session will not be visible. The reason for this may serve as premature removal of the device from the connector or the power turns off suddenly. As a result, all documents are as before, but recognizing them is not possible because of damage to the file system table. Use special data recovery software. This operation can help repair card memory, but not in all cases.
Be careful removing the card memory from the contact happened only after the appropriate signal from your personal computer. Use the option safely remove the device. This will avoid the most common causes of damage to the card memory.
Protect the card memory from mechanical damage. For this you need to purchase a quality carrier, placed in a tight enclosure capable of withstanding mechanical impact medium degree. In this respect suitable card memory in rubberized and monolithic buildings. Failure does not always occur immediately after a mechanical impact. The map memory can also operate for quite a long time, so pay attention to all the visible changes. Prevention of problems is much better than its immediate elimination. To fix map memory, you'll likely have to turn to the experts. And it will take some time, which would you most likely be able to spend more usefully, having information stored on your media.