Create image of USB drive using a special application, or use the flashnul program EasyRecovery to restore it. Creating an image, scan the drives to determine the format recoverable files. Creating an image, save the resulting data.
Then, perform a full format flash cards. This can be done using the camera or computer. There is such a situation that access is restricted. Clear sector zero. But this is an extreme measure. Try connecting the flash drive to the computer without using the camera, those using the card reader.
Remove the password from a flash drive. Sometimes after formatting may fail next character on the flash drive automatically creates a file mmcstore is the Keeper of the password. To restore the memory card for the camera, change the file, giving it the.txt extension.
Then open it using the standard programs of the operating system Notepad. Remove the password. Thus, when you install the stick in the camera it will be recognized, and access when you connect it to your personal computer to be free.
Use a special application on the R-Studio FAT is to recover the memory card for the camera. The demo version of this program you can download online. Full version is paid, but it is you in this case is not necessary because recovery one memory card is enough for the demo version of the program.
In the future, if the need arises, download full paid version. Start the scan. Set the additional option "Search for all known file types." Once all the files are found, recover them to any directory of the hard disk of your personal computer.