You will need
  • - card reader;
  • - camera or phone.
Working with the map memory is best done via a card reader. You can also use as adapter mobile phone or camera, but these devices may not always provide direct access to the desired information. Connect map memory to the computer using the selected equipment.
Install Easy Recovery. Open this utility and choose File Recovery (Recovery files). Locate and open the submenu Format Recovery (Recovery after formatting).
In the left menu of the working window, select the desired drive. Better find out in advance letter of your USB drive using "My computer". Click the Next button.
Specify the file system format of the card memory. Pay attention to the fact that you need to choose the format in which the flash drive worked before formatting. Press the Scan button.
The program may require 20-30 minutes to analyse the card memory. Wait until this process is complete. Examine the list of files that are suitable for recovery with this drive.
Select the checkboxes of the required files. Click the Save button. After the launch of the new dialog box, specify the local drive and folder on it where you will save the selected file. Click Next and complete the operation of the utility.
If you do not have a card reader, use Magic Data Recovery. It is great for recovery card memory cameras and some mobile phones.
Connect the camera to the USB port of the computer. Run the specified program. Select the manufacturer of the camera. Click "Scan". Wait for the list of available files. Save the desired information on one of the local drives of the computer.