The answer to the question of where to go with the girl, depends on the availability of free time, your preferences and the season. If you only have a few evening hours in order to go on a date with his beloved, the most convenient options are a visit to one of the many cinemas, clubs and restaurants, etc. or a walk in the fresh air. One of the most popular cinemas are "Sunrise", "Kinomost", "Karofilm", "Kinomechta". At most famous are "Karne", "Marlin", "the Golden pagoda", "Jin-Ju" cafe "the Old wagon", "get-Togethers" and others. If you wish, you can go to a club to dance, sing karaoke, ride billiard balls or bowling. Try taking your girl to the water Park, Dolphinarium, Botanical garden or on a roller coaster in the Park "Friendship". If you prefer fresh air, silence and tranquility, you will also find many attractive places where you can spend time with a girl. In winter, go to an indoor ice rink or in a country Park, the slopes of which have long mastered snowboarders and skiers. Its charm you will find in an evening walk on the Krasnoglinsky beach or a long and beautiful promenade.Go to the local drama theater and Pushkin square. They are on the hill, which is convenient to look at the panorama of the city. The city will also available with the so-called Helipad (this is something like the Moscow Vorobyovy Gory). Or go down on Ulyanovsk descent (in common parlance it is called the Bottom). From there across the Volga ferries. You can see the city, floating on one of the hovercrafts or even on a small landing ship.Go down the street of the Soviet Army down to the Volga. Admire the ponds and Park. By the way, there is found a mass of squirrels, pigeons and Tits that used to people. Take the bag of grain or bread and feed them. In summer, guests can relax with a girl on the beach by the river or go to the reaches to the other shore of the Volga. Arrange in honor of the beloved a small picnic, sit around the campfire with a kebab. This program will appeal to any girl.If you and your girl want to combine business with pleasure and not only to relax but also to learn something about the city, its people and culture, organize a trip to the Museum, theatre or art gallery. In Samara there is a great historical Museum with rich collections of paleontological, archaeological, ethnographic and numismatic. It is interesting to visit the Museum and exhibition center "Samara Space" where you installed the carrier rocket "Soyuz", and also in the so-called Stalin's bunker. If you enjoy art, visit the art Museum, gallery "Victoria", art salon "Art-Portal", etc.