Try to teach the girl to play Billiards. This is quite an interesting game that will certainly appeal to your companion, because you will be constantly around. Besides Billiards is very popular, so it is in almost every city. In some places there are tables not only for this game, but also for the pool. There is also another variety of Billiards – snooker. It is less popular but not less interesting.
Bowling is better suited for a large company, but it is possible to play together. Invite the girl to ride on the rollers. In many cities there are special skating rink or Park, which is issued for the hire of roller skates. Even if you do not know how to ride them, it does not hurt you have a lot of fun time. Helping each other and laughing over the naughty feet, you will achieve more trust in the relationship.
Go to the amusement Park, where you will always find entertainment to his liking. Roller coaster and merry-go-round invariably give a good mood and positive charge for a long time. Visit a water Park, ample places to relax: cafe, swimming pool, sauna, water attractions, Jacuzzi and much more.
Pay attention to paintball. This is a very exciting and colorful game. You will be given a set of balls, pistols and equipment. If the girl you like to drive cars, karting is a great fun for both of you.
Take a girl to football, find the nearest to ultras place. Who's there the atmosphere is sure to impress you and your companion. Try to choose the most anticipated and intense match.
Arrange a Cycling trip through the most picturesque places of your city. But before that make sure your friend knows how to ride a bike. Get a small basket of products. At the end of the way enjoy a picnic and relax.
Go to the racetrack or other place where you can try horseback riding. It's sure to make for a girl lasting impression.
Invite your beloved to the rink. Just try to find a place with real ice, not plastic. Rinks are now working at any time of the year.