Visit with your beloved is no ordinary restaurant, cafe or McDonald's, where you often with him, and a restaurant with a special cuisine, a cozy VIP-lodges, in which to hide from prying eyes. Savour gourmet French food, varied and healthy Italian, the original Japanese, exotic Chinese. Ask the waiters to bring you candles and set them on your table to create a romantic environment.
Instead of the ordinary walk in the Park, the square, go to the place where you will be asked to ride on horseback. Horseback riding is very bring people together, provide an opportunity to feel the unity with nature and a large living creature that you ride upon, to breathe fresh air, to think about a future together.
Don't forget about the opportunity to visit gaming clubs together, such as Billiards, bowling. You can play together, make a bet, show your athletic skills to the partner.
Ride in evening or night city ordered at the time of transport (taxi, limousine, coach). You will see the bustling life of the city lights and illuminated signs, and they will at this time, peacefully sipping from glasses of champagne to take with him.
Find out where in your city are held tea ceremonies according to the ancient folk customs, to visit such a ceremony together. It's a very romantic, interesting and memorable spectacle. If there is no such place, visit the coffee shop, Starbucks, where a Cup of tea can talk to the closest person in concern to both topics.
Perhaps you like a date on the roof of a skyscraper. On top of tall buildings with amazing views of the city. You can at this time to admire the city's beauties from the height of bird flight and to drink hot coffee from a thermos (drinking on the roof is better not to take).
In the warm seasons, camping overnight in a tent outside the city will be very appropriate pastime. If it's cold outside, then give preference to the Russian baths with a large swimming pool, karaoke in the lounge, a pool table, with the ability to bring you to the sauna staff hot meal or a warm herbal drink in a porcelain kettle.