Arrange a professional photo shoot. To do this, make an appointment with the photographer, offering professional photography, and spend a few interesting hours in the Studio or in any scenic spot of the city. As a result, you and a friend will appear, in addition to modest Amateur photo real portfolio as one where you will be imprinted on the background of the beauties of nature or in the Studio in different images.
Sign up with a friend to the courses of needlework that causes your interest. You can spend so much time together, at the same time to learn to do their own hands the things that decorate your home or closet.
Not less interesting pastime can be cooking. Visit the open lessons of these courses, often offered on a free basis. Cookery courses you and learn to cook and learn kitchen of the world, and perhaps gain new skills.
Down with diggers in the tunnels of your city if you offer similar tours. Many large cities have a network of underground fabulous places with stalactites, deep rivers and other mysterious phenomena.
Arrange for friends party "in the ancient spirit." Dress up with flea markets and my grandmother's chest in vintage retro things, turn on appropriate music, drink tea from a samovar plain with pretzels and crackers.
Visit the water Park or pool, it's so great to have water fun together with a friend, ride the water slides when the window of the room winter. And in the summer be sure to go for a swim in the nearest lake, where swimming is allowed.
Go to a couple of hours in the club where there are male strippers for the ladies. If you hesitate to be in such a place, then visit a sex shop with a friend, where can you buy important for girls things, means of intimate hygiene and many more.
Don't forget that there are other interesting places where you will not be bored with a friend. This fitness centres, courses of Hatha yoga, or Kundalini yoga, master classes belly dancing, ice skating rink where you can skate, a roller rink, where skating.