It makes no sense to wait for a vacation to relax together with your loved ones, and not always can you be the same. The schedule of national holidays allows you to carve out a working schedule for 5-7 days - the period for which you can plan a real romantic trip.
Look at the calendar and assign a date that will coincide with the nearest working day before the holiday break. It is advisable to choose it so that the rest lasted at least 5 days, at least, to earn that time off or make arrangements with the teacher to take a day or two on account of the leave.
Think about how much money you will have by the time when you are going to relax together with your loved one. Note that if these holidays coincide with holidays, the cost of permits and pensions will be slightly higher than at the usual time. Such allowance will be at least 50%. But the sooner you make your choice and order, the cheaper you can buy transport tickets and book hotel accommodation.
In the case when you will not be able to travel abroad or to the famous tourist centers of the country, ask the opportunity to relax in some secluded area not far from the place where you live. Nearly all of the city, there are places of amazing beauty, where enterprising people have built a cozy secluded resorts and cottages and lodging for individual guests. Remove a cottage, or book a room in a boarding house.
If funds permit, go to Vietnam, Morocco, Cuba, Tunisia, Cyprus, Madagascar, Seychelles or the Caribbean Islands. Cheap visa you will be able upon arrival to get straight to the airport. In these countries, you will be able to book yourself a secluded Bungalow facing the ocean and spend a few days in this heavenly place, as befits lovers.