Option 1. Stay in the fresh air.
For children and their parents the opportunity to spend time in the fresh air. Not just on the street, and exactly where in the city truly clean air. Such options include the Country Park. It is located close to the shopping center "Megacity", which is located on the street Novo-Sadovaya, d. 160. For a few acres site is beautiful mixed forest, in which grow birch, pine, larch and other trees. There are also has paved walkways, children's rides and a small cafe where kids can eat ice cream, cotton candy and other Goodies. Another great way to spend time in the fresh air - visit of the embankment. It is divided into several phases. The first line starts near the Boat and ends near CSK VVS, the second and the third phase starts near Zhiguli brewery and ends near the river pier. Over the past three years, the waterfront of Samara was completely renovated and refurbished. Now it has become a real center of entertainment for children and adults. For the little ones equipped playgrounds and amusement rides in summer for those who are older were created playgrounds for playing football, basketball, volleyball and other active sports. Also Samara is rich in green areas, including a Park. Gagarin, Victory, and square in the district of Lenin Avenue. All of these options are perfect for health benefits to spend time with children both in summer and winter. For several years they have been repaired, and now there is quite a developed entertainment infrastructure.
Option 2. The shows for the child.
This option is ideal in order to engage the mind and imagination of the young spectator for a long period of time. In Samara operates the circus, located at Molodogvardeyskaya str., building 220, where regularly perform both Russian and foreign circus artists. In addition to the circus in the city there are many theatres, among which stands out the Samara academic drama theatre. M. Gorkogo (street Chapaeva, d. 1). In the repertory of many plays for children and their parents. Also worth noting is the theatre "the Samara area" (street Garden, d. 231). On the stage of the theater played out performances for audiences of all ages, and many of them correspond to plays of the modern school curriculum in literature. But special attention is Samara puppet theatre (St. Leo Tolstoy, D. 82). The name speaks for itself. The theatre offers great entertainment for the young audience, offering him to plunge into the magical world of dolls.
Option 3. Entertainment centers.
All the major shopping centres of Samara have in their Arsenal of ways to entertain both kids and their parents. Especially the top such shopping centers as "Spaceport" (street Dybenko, 30) and "Viva Lend" (Avenue of Kirov, d. 147). There for children and parents there is an entertainment center "Crazy Park", cinema, amusement rides and children's steam trains from one part of the centre to another. Adults and children can enjoy free cotton candy.