Immediately define the target audience, i.e. due to what category of customers you expect to obtain the profits. Based on this, pick up the assortment of clothes.
The rule is to sell clothes at that price, which would seem beneficial to the majority of customers. Examine the assortment and prices of other stores located near your point of sale. Try to keep similar products have cost a little cheaper. Then an initial profit reduction will be compensated by the increased sales turnover.
Calculate all necessary costs (rent of premises, salaries to employees, etc.), lay in the cost of clothing is relatively small profit margins. Remember, your main task at this stage – in every possible way to attract buyers.
Bet on everyday clothingthat are in the moderate price range. First of all, it pants, jeans, suits, shirts, dresses, blouses. Such a product will always be in demand. Closer to the summer season can be supplemented with a range of light jackets, t-shirts, shorts.
Pay special attention to the selection of suppliers of clothing. Take some time and effort, how to learn market manufacturers and dealers. Your main task - to find the optimal conditions of cooperation with suppliers, to stipulate in advance the issues about wholesale discounts, delivery dates, possible complaints etc.
Quite naturally the desire of businessman to buy wholesale party clothes as cheaply as possible to get more profit when selling. Nevertheless, remember the wise proverb: "miser pays twice." If the clothing display in your shop, is frankly low quality, you will only scare away customers.
To sell expensive, exclusive fashion to the beginning businessman it is not necessary. Even in a prosperous period such product does not always sell out quickly.
As soon as the store is working, you should use the promotion. For example, the buyer who will purchase apparel in excess of some minimum level receives a coupon for a discount on subsequent purchases.