Nearing the summer season. What clothes should trade, so she quickly found a demand and brought the businessman a profit? Take a look at this question from the point of view of basic common sense. What kind of clothes people will surely buy, even when their financial situation noticeably deteriorated? Of course, first of all – inexpensive. But the word "cheap" in no case should not be synonymous with such words as "bad", "outdated", etc. That is, if the businessman will focus on cheap summer clothes – lightweight pants, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, blouses, light jackets-windbreakers - and clothing is quite acceptable quality, his product will almost certainly be quickly bought up.
For reliability, you should offer customers the same range as last season, of course, subject to the requirements of fashion, and if last summer, the product was quickly sold out.
As for expensive, the more exclusive, clothing – during the crisis the demand for it drops sharply, it is inevitable. Therefore, the share of such product in the range should be minimized or even abandoned for some time before sustained improvement of the financial situation.
And what about children's clothes? On the one hand loving parents in any case will not leave her baby without the necessary things, especially considering that in the summer the kids spend a lot of time on the street. On the other hand in a period of crisis as never just sad saying: "Not to fat – to be I would live!". Practice shows that during the crisis parents are much more willing to accept a gift of worn, but still good baby clothes from relatives, friends and acquaintances who have kids older than will go to the store for purchase. Therefore, to focus on the children's range is simply risky. Of course, it is not necessary to completely abandon children's clothing, but its share your shop should not exceed 10-15 % of the total.