First of all, you should define the target audience of your store and think, who else in the future it will be possible for her to carry. Accordingly, all your work should be focused on these groups of people and their interests. The whole campaign to attract buyers should act on them.
The main means of attraction are:
1. the name, logo, window dressing;
2. the offer of goods or services from the competition;
3. mass advertising;
4. promotions - discounts, invitations to "buy from 9 to 13 discount 30%", etc.;
5. work with social networks and the Internet.
The name and logo and the design of your store should be catchy and well remembered by your target audience. To do this, they should cause its representatives and the positive emotions associated with your product.
It is worth shopping around your competitors and to understand that might want their (and your) customers. Maybe you need to expand the range? To arrange delivery of the goods for the house and to establish trade via the Internet?
Mass advertising, which you can use to attract customers depends on your financial possibilities - it could be on television commercials, and the "barkers", inviting the ladies to try something from the new collection. If funds is very little, is limited at least in simple awareness that the store is located at such an address sells women's and (children's, clothes.
Shop clothing are unlikely to lose much if will draw buyers discount card and offer discounts on clothes from last year's collections. This is only the most primitive and common ways of attracting buyers. You can be creative and offer customers something that they might like (discounts on movies in the new cinema, etc.).
The Internet today is "word of mouth". Blogs (e.g., livejournal) there is a community devoted to shopping devki_v_shope). Campaign to attract buyers may be in them, preferably not too obtrusive. Help thematic forums, groups in social networks. It is an effective and inexpensive way of attracting customers because social networks enjoy almost everything, and to organize a group or start a conversation on the forum pretty inexpensive (for this usually attracts freelancers whose services are inexpensive).