Dreams are good, but they need to implement. But as wise men say, Lehigh trouble - the beginning. That is, the main thing to start, and then appear and experience means more opportunities.Remember that sometimes in order to do the most favorite thing, you need some time to do more that just need a particular moment. That is, for example, if you are planning to implement children's clothing, you may need to start with something else to occupy its niche in trade, to feel it, but also to accumulate funds for the implementation of the actual dream.
Do some research, find out what is the most popular, and whether the situation is such on the next couple of months. Decide whether you are going to do this business by yourself or planning to find a partner, a kindred spirit.
Define start-up capital, find a room, register your company and get to work. Identify two important points you are going to sell clothes wholesale or retail, and to which class of garment you start (stock, economy, luxury). For a start, it will be preferable to wholesale trade.
Buy clothes wholesale and at the same time work on the advertisement of your business. On the is not worth saving, but too spent, too, is not necessary, because it is not known what will be your income and pay off all preliminary expenses. If you are able to successfully place your store geographically, then your cases will be faster to move forward. If not, then think about the different exit points where your trade goods are most lively.
If you have enough cash, you can try to buy a place or even a boutique, which is most advantageously located. Then focused on the situation on the market, and most importantly, always follow the developments not only in your area.