You will need
  • -an agreement with a retail company selling clothing, cooperation in the form of franchising;
  • -the space for this retail outlets of wearing apparel;
  • -sales staff and accountant in the staff.
Select the stamp you want to use for your store clothes - a potential franchisers in the field of fashionable clothes very much, so you need to pick out the most acceptable option. It's not just about taste preferences, but in those circumstances in which manufacturers or vendors of clothing offer a franchise. The difference primarily lies in the amount of the price that you must pay for the right to use a particular brand - some franchisors can charge more, what can you do to invest in the opening of the store, others are interested in "promotion" and set a minimum price.
Send you are interested in the firm's bid with a proposal to buy she has the right to use its trademark in its activities. Find out again in detail the terms of cooperation and sign a contract. Your further steps to organizing point of sales of the clotheswill be due to the fact how the company-franchisor considers necessary to regulate your activity.
Find the space where will be located your store, following the instructions of the franchisor or agreeing with him beforehand the location of the future store. Most likely, a complete set of commercial equipment and all the necessary design elements of point of sales you will provide the franchiser. If you rent a area in a shopping center, a number of organizational issues are generally significantly reduced - will only negotiate with the administration of this centre, without having with the regulatory authorities in any case.
Find sales assistants that will be in your point of sale to serve customers. Recruitment in any case will remain on your conscience, the senior partner is that can help you with his training (some online stores there is a system of specialized training). As a store Manager will perform most likely you do (otherwise, it's difficult to get the necessary experience), but accountant it is better to hire professionals - it's too risky to take the decision of its tasks.