You will need
  • hairpiece, wig.
Sometimes the reviews about the masks for beauty and hair health are staggering. Ladies, try them, write that in one month the hair they have grown to almost 20 cm sorry, to cheat nature. It's programmed hair growth, ranging from one to two centimeters per month. And the last digit is the exception. In some cases, hair doesn't grow back for a month and a centimeter.
However, accrued hair looks not less effectively, and they allow just one day to be transformed radically. It is thanks to this way of movie stars and pop stars change their appearance. There are various techniques for hair extensions, but they all start from the available length natural hair. It should be at least 10 cm, otherwise the artificial hair just wouldn't have anything to fix. So if you have a hairstyle "hedgehog" to lengthen the hair in this manner also will not work.
If your own hair is not allowed to perform a procedure or such a desire is not, in principle, the most easy way out of a situation are false hairpieces and wigs. If you choose a wig made from natural hair and are painted in natural color, then not every person will be able to tell the difference. It should be noted that for wedding hairstyles is a method of lengthening hair with wig Hedwig is very popular even among those brides whose hair length is sufficient in order to experiment on it. Overhead buckle enable you to give your hair not only length but also volume.