The situation when the user has to disable the hard drive, is quite rare - the more the computer the volume of the disc, lateral space, the better. You should know that disabling in the BIOS doesn't disable the driveand as such it still continues to receive nourishment, it will be visible in Windows Explorer labeled None.
Enter the BIOS, the entrance is at the start of the computer. Usually to do this, press Del (usually), F1, F2, F3 or F10. Sometimes you use Ctrl + Alt + Esc. On successful login, the BIOS will announce the appearance of its Windows.
In BIOS find the tab with the information on the diskAh. If you have a SATAdrive, look on her section of the SATA device if IDE, then the IDE device. Perhaps in your BIOS names will be different. In the right section, the name of the diskand will present the word Enabled ("Enabled"). You need to change it to Disabled ("Disabled"), changing keys "Up" and "Down".
After near the diskω will be the desired inscription, it is necessary to save the changes. To do this, press F10 or select the menu item Save and exit setup. You will see a small box with a question about whether or not you want to save the changes. Type Y and press enter. To cancel changes, you must enter N.
After rebooting the system, disconnected the drive will not be available, but it will not prevent Windows to see him. For rapid and complete shutdown of the hard diskand most convenient to use a mobile rack (Mobile Rack) – special plastic container with the connectors under the hard diskthat you insert into a free slot of the system unit. If necessary, disable the drive , you will need to insert and turn the key (if used) and the handle to pull out the removable part of Mobil-rack with her hard diskohms. Mobile rack, convenient and in that case, if the diske is stored valuable data - you can just take it without leaving the computer.