Before you start looking for space for the institution and to start working on the business, you need to first work on a business plan of their project. It will help you calculate the necessary funds, as well as their strength.
Next, try to think about the concept of the future of the institution – whether it is a restaurant, café, diner, bar or coffee shop. Entrepreneurs with no experience to open a cafe, coffee shop or bar, as these places require less capital investment.
Very important for the profitability of the institution is its location. The ideal option can be considered if your cafe will be located in a public place. So, you can choose the place near to the business centers, clusters of office buildings or near schools. Cafes and bars usually go regular visitors and those who live nearby.
It is worth thinking about the design of institutions. It needs to be original and interesting, appropriate to its name. It is necessary to pay attention to every detail, down to the design folder menu. Staff should wear a specially designed single form or to include in their clothing any symbols of the institution.
The staff plays a very important role in the field of catering. So when it selection it is necessary to pay attention not only to professional skills but also on their attitude towards work and customers. So, from the professionalism of the cook depends on the reputation of your café. The waiters, apart from the fact that they should always look great, you must be able to quickly and calmly resolve disputes. The bartender must know the names of all the drinks that it offers, and well-versed in wine and beer varieties.
Of course, nothing will guarantee the profitability of the business without your personal control. You should always do to monitor the whole process of your institution. The only way to achieve profitability and popularity.