Fast food should have been called quick-service cafe. This cafe for a quick bite to eat for little money. Distinguished dining "fast food" fast service time (average 2-4 minutes) and short time of stay of the visitor in the school (about 30 minutes). The main criterion of success of this type of institution – a high turnover of seats.
It follows that to choose a place for dining "fast food" should be in heavy traffic. The room itself must meet a number of requirements of SES and fire inspection. It must be equipped with hot and cold water bath, and fire safety.
In addition, you need to decide what type of restaurant you intend to open. This will depend on what room it is necessary to choose. Usually in fast food are working with a ready-made semi-finished products. In "fast food" is just a warm-up or final treatment of products. This is done after customer order. Preparation of semi-finished products, usually made by vendors. In this case it will be enough one small shop zagotovki products. But if you decide to open a coffee shop, working on the raw material, that is, to produce semi-finished products yourself, then you'll need additional space for the processing of vegetable and meat cutting and fish.
This will depend on what equipment you need to purchase.
All cafes "fast food" may be classified in following basic types: the Western model (such as "McDonald's"), by giving priority to this or that national cuisine (Eastern cuisine, sushi Express), cafes, places at the head of the concept of a particular product (pancake, pizza, dumpling). Think and decide what kind of fast food restaurant you will open. Selected for their establishments "format" is also connected with the equipment of the enterprise. Do you need to be a rice cooker, deep fryer, coffee machine, etc.
When you hire a room, join in its interior. Fast food did not differ artsy atmosphere and a very elegant design. Institution "fast food" should not be for a very long time. In the room should be bright and clean. The most important thing for them – high turnover.
One of the features of fast food – the strict quality standards, which are the interior and utensils, range and technological equipment. This is due to the widely developing networks of institutions of the type "fast food". Deciding to open his own café, ask if perhaps much more profitable to start his own business in franchising.
Next is to find suppliers and select personnel. Fast food in the form of institutions are self-service, so the waiters you do not need, but cooks, assistants, dishwashers, cleaning lady – will be necessary. Prefer sociable, stress-resistant and enthusiastic employees. Not superfluous – their knowledge of normative documents in the sphere of public catering and trade. Please note that they should have health books.