Hence, there are two views on one issue: on the one hand, this is an interesting novelty, but it's a dining room that gave the visitors from the other side. The majority of the population in awe of the dinners, breakfasts and Lunches, which took place in those canteens. There are people who value their time, not spend it on cooking, but at the same time like homemade food. At the same time, Japanese restaurants have evolved in the cities very much, but not everyone likes sushi or rolls. From here we can conclude that for the development of their own business, open dining room with a "zero" is the best option.

But, as in any business, you need to make a business-plan dining room. Novikov in business can directly be frightened of that word, because it seems difficult. Therefore, we consider an example already drawn a business plan to open the dining room, which then at desire it is possible to make your own changes, amendments and additions.

It should be understood that with "zero" the opening of the dining room will be a good start for small businesses. However, the market is the sphere of institutions, which provide the opportunity to eat and rest to his client, is very large. So to get into a niche that is not so easy, and the place that we plan to occupy not only specific, but new for people who are used to eating in fast-food outlets.

Business plan the dining room: how to open it from scratch

So, how to open a dining room from scratch? We present to your attention a ready example to open it.

Form of business

Form of doing business for this project – individual entrepreneurship is the best option. But if suppliers of raw materials and components needed to open the dining room will be a legal entity, you'll have to open legal entity. If this is not followed, then the best option — individual entrepreneurship.

Analysts, after analyzing all the metrics, argue that such a business as opening the dining room is very successful. And all because of the fact that many settlements e have such institutions.

About the institution

Since the dining room is created for customers with a medium level of wealth, and product prices should be low, and relevant.

Services that will be provided

The business plan drawn up so that the dining room will be provided the following services:

- creating and selling a hot Breakfast;

- manufacture and sale of abelow;

- cooking for corporate parties, memorials, reunions, etc.

Market and competitors

This item opens and contains all necessary information about dining rooms, which are located in a particular city or village. To determine which of them are competitors and which are not. Knowing all the mistakes of competitors, you can consider them and to prevent their appearance in his establishment.

The production part of the business plan for the opening of their dining room

The most important point will be the search space for dining. A place with facilities can be a popular area catering. For this reason, the search space must be given due attention. The best location of the dining room is the area where the largest enterprises, and even better, if the dining room would be located in the premises of these companies. Another good option is placing the dining room in the new shopping center. Initially, the builders centre will become your first customers.

To pass all sorts of checks and also court should take into account the availability of main and emergency exit in the dining room, as well as its division into two parts: one of which is the kitchen, and the second part is the room. With regard to the level and room size, then it will depend on your financial capabilities.

Special attention should be given to equipment that is required for the dining room. A large number of companies ready to provide necessary equipment for dining on the market. The only difference is price and quality.

Equipment necessary for the dining room:

- plates, which are necessary for the production of hot products;

- the griddle and cooking racks;

- production and countertops;


- tables and chairs for clients;

- kitchen utensils for cooking and serving dishes.

From the staff dining room will depend on the result of its work. Therefore, choosing a staff take this matter carefully and selectively.

After done the way, you should take the next step, which will be advertising the company dining room. The success of any institution depends on the case. And here all means are good – you can use an ordinary advertisement, but guerrilla marketing is much better.

Chefs with experience must be able to cook any dish of Russian cuisine. It is necessary to specify that the menu will consist mostly of Russian cuisine, and then everything else.

The business plan provides for the availability of such staff in the dining room:

- one Manager;

- two cooks;

- two kitchen workers;

one dishwasher;

one maintenance worker;

One janitor, one cashier

Menu open dining room should contain a list of the most important dishes of traditional Russian cuisine. Typically, this list includes: soup, a couple of soups, Solyanka, potato dishes, meat dishes, various salads.

When all the above are considered and implemented, when taken for the discovery. Due to the location of the dining room holding a large-scale advertising company does not need. The food should be at the highest level, in order to win the love and respect of future customers. In the future this will allow to steal customers who are already fed in institutions of this kind.

The financial plan of the institution

This item business-plan dining room created to calculate both expenses and revenues, which are so essential to the overall payback of this institution.

Costs include:

- hire, selected premises;

- acquisition of all necessary equipment;

- paid staff;

- other overhead costs.

Consider the income:

- sale of hot food;

- the provision of food at banquets, parties, etc.

Based on these data, return the dining room will be 1-1,5 years, and this is a very good performance in modern environmental and social conditions. Let this business plan will help you access the dining room and start your business. It is necessary to wish only good luck.