To open a store register, OOO. Legal entity it is easier to win a city contest for the opening of trade enterprise food and non-food items social purpose.
Apply to the administration of the city (Prefecture or region) for a store opening social trading in a particular area. At this point you should already have contracts with suppliers of goods from the list of socially significant. While the retail price of such goods shall be determined on 10-15% lower than the city. And to veterans, pensioners and citizens of privileged categories shall be granted an additional discount up to 10%. In the list of commodities approved by the state statistics Committee, includes 33 names of products and name 3 non-food items.
To provide the cheapest price for the products you can due to the fact that the company is social trading can have benefits when renting premises. The room can allocate the city administration Fund non-residential premises of free appointment. The goods of social significance you can purchase from different suppliers (of course, if they have all the correct documents and certificates). So your store is on a par with the advertised product can be a product that is not inferior to him in quality, but cheaper. This item to enter the social list.
Get special accreditation as a business for social purpose. With the administration of city (district) sign a tripartite agreement on social partnership. The administration has the right to monitor the activities of these stores, participate in the pricing of Essentials.
The so-called the is social store can take over the administration of city (district). She can recommend to visit these stores in social security agencies, nursing homes, public associations of veterans and pensioners.
Label products at reduced prices special colored price tags to the buyer was easier to navigate. Additionally, you can make a discount card, which will provide additional discount.