You will need
  • - statement to the administration;
  • - resolution;
  • - evidence of IE (or register LE);
  • - business plan and project;
  • resolution of the administration;
  • - architectural project and sketch;
  • - the act of agreeing;
  • - the Committee of administration;
  • - the conclusion of firefighters;
  • - the SES.
If you are planning to open a cafe on the road, you need to place where you place the fast food eatery. Contact road construction Department and find out what the district is land that you picked up for construction.
Contact the district administration with the statement for granting of the selected parcel in the property or rent.
Register as an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity. To open a cafe, it is sufficient to have a certificate, SP. If you are planning to open a chain of roadside fast food outlets, and the number of staff that you will hire for the work will exceed 50 people, you will need to register as Yul.
Make a business plan and project. Contact administration for approval of your documents. You will be given permission to open fast food outlets.
As soon as you receive a decision on the transfer of land to organize a diner in the property or rent, call a licensed architect to draft and sketch of the building for a café and assessing engineering communication. But before that, register the lease or complete ownership rights, applying to FPRC.
With the project and the sketch, contact the Department of architecture and urban planning. You will be given the act of agreeing that you are required to sign in the administration, to the district utility systems, fire protection, SES.
With the signed act will again contact the Department of architecture. You will be given a building permit.
After the completion of the invite the Commission for inspection of constructed facilities and to make the final verdict.
But even that's not all. To be allowed to open a coffee shop, invite the authorized representatives of the sanitary epidemiological station. Your cafe will examine and issue an opinion on the possibility of opening. The building must be water, sewage, toilet for visitors, the area for washing.
The final verdict has to endure and representatives of the fire protection district.
Having obtained the permission, you will be able to hire staff and start your business.