You will need
  • the statement about restoration of term for filing an appeal;
  • - copies of the ruling and the court's decision;
  • - documents to confirm the reasons for missing the deadline for filing the appeal.
Make a statement about restoration of term for filing an appeal on the basis of the procedural code of the Russian Federation. The document will advise the decision was made, specify the file number. Next, write about the disagreement with the court decision and tell why you did not appeal the court decision within the established deadlines. Refer to the relevant articles. Remember that only an indication of existing regulations will be proof and will be able to confirm the legality of your actions. Report the request to restore the deadline to file a complaint and write the date of submission of the application. Put a personal signature.
Attach a copy of the determination and the decision of the court to your court. The documents must be certified in the same court. Also attach to the application a receipt for payment of state duty (it can be done, for example, in Sberbank, having received the details in court). Make the required number of copies of the application in accordance with the number of participants in the process.
Prepare all documents that explain the reasons for missing the deadline for filing an appeal. They may include travel orders, medical certificates and other evidence of your innocence. Reasons for admission should be respectful to the court permitted to extend the period of filing an appeal.
Upload the application and supporting documents in hearing the case the court of first instance. It will be considered at the next court session. The date of its holding, the court is obliged to inform other participants in the process, however, the absence of one or more of them will not affect the decision of the court for reinstatement of the complaint time. Do not delay, file a procedural complaint by the court, after receiving permission.