The title page is the first page and the cover of the manuals. For proper registration place information on departmental affiliation of the organization (e.g., Federal Agency for education), full name of the educational institution, the name and initials of the author of the development, the name of the benefit, the city and the year of issue of the document.
The reverse side of the title page should contain the bibliographic data allowance. Optionally they can add a brief summary to work. In addition, here, list surnames and initials, academic degrees and titles of the people who took a creative part in the creation of development (authors, coauthors, editors, reviewers). Next, specify the basis on which methodological manual recommended for publication (for example, a meeting of the Commission or decision of the Department).
The optimal amount main part of the guide is 24-48 pages of text. The text in the computer set is 12 or 14 point type, Times New Roman font using 1.5 line spacing. If necessary, in-text highlighting of key concepts and formulas, use italics and bold font. The size of margins and padding is 2 cm be Sure to number the pages with Arabic numerals, placing them at the bottom of the page. On the title page the number is not assigned, but it must be included in the total number of pages of the document.
Structure methodological developments and includes sections, subsections, and paragraphs. If the volume of material is significant – it is permissible to split it into several parts. All the structural elements of methodological development, with the exception of paragraphs should have headings and stand out Arabic numerals. Keep headlines clear and concise. You should not put a period or other punctuation at the end of the header.
The list of references and all references cited in the text of the development, must be performed in accordance with the requirements of GOST. Applications to work place at the end of the document and number in Arabic numerals following the order of their mention in the manual.