It is very important to select and formulate a research topic. Don't take too broad issues for consideration. For example, if you want to perform the creative activity of the author, then stop either at a certain stage of life or thoroughly examine the history of the creation of some individual works. Scientific supervisor needs you to help with the selection of the topic.
Next, discuss with the supervisor the amount of work. It varies depending on its complexity. For example, the workload of the student for performance on scientifically-practical conference should be twenty to thirty pages of text, but in the thesis work perhaps up to a hundred printed sheets.
Meet previously conducted research in the area in which you examine a question. Compare these materials with their data and draw a conclusion.
The design begins with a title page, where reflect the level of work. For example: "regional Olympics". On the title page indicate the name of the section and work, as well as the name, surname, patronymic of the author and the research supervisor.
Next, draw up the content of the work. This kind of plan, which lists the names and sequence of its parts. Be sure to hold the page numbering.
Be sure to specify the purpose of the work and tasks necessary to achieve it.
Any research paper contains an introduction. It should comment on the choice of the topic to emphasize the relevance of these discoveries to outline further possible ways of their application.
In the main part, which in turn may consist of several components, be sure to are the interim results of the study, describes the experiences or observations of you, and do preliminary findings. In it you should reflect the methods that have been used to obtain results.
Keep in mind that a prerequisite of any scientific research is a logical, sequential arrangement of parts, as well as self-discovery and profound conclusions from the evidence.
In conclusion you need to summarize your work, pointing out advantages and outlining further steps in this direction.
Obligatory condition of scientific work is a list of references, i.e. sources.