You will need
  • Methodological developments
  • The literature on the subject
  • Visual materials
Make a plan techniques. It should include the introductory part, the breakdown of the study periods or stages of activity. Consider what existing methodological developments should be included in each section, some of them are already approved, and what is just ahead.
In the introductory part specify what goals can be achieved using your methodology. The goal should be for the entire course overall, and for each time period and for each individual class. Write, what is the novelty of your methodology and how it differs from previous methods, if any. If the given question no one did, indicate why you are interested in this topic and why this technique.
Any methodology should answer two questions: what to do and how to do it. The answers to these questions should be devoted to all parts of the methodology. Each piece should tell about some phase of activity. For example, in the methods of teaching drawing, children of preschool age in every part of the story, which teaches kids the teacher for the entire year, each quarter, each month and at each session, some preliminary work needs to be before each session of what children are taught to use at some point or another. Similarly, it is necessary to build any other technique.
At the beginning of each section indicate which goals and objectives are at this stage of the work, should know the person working on this technique and that should be able those with whom he works, like your proposed principles. Specify in General what methods you need to use at this stage of the work and why. Divide section into separate chapters on smaller stages or more restricted time periods. In the pedagogical methodology, as a rule, are the topics of individual sessions with your practices, visual materials, preliminary works, etc. Appropriate to quote and detailed lesson notes and training. Those who will work on your technique, threads can come up with their own, but the tasks they will tackle the same, so that the example they need.
Prepare samples of visual materials. If these materials are produced industrially, give them a General list and a separate one for each occupation. If it is your own development, to the methods you need to attach pictures of models or pictures. For methodology which is expected to be published on the Internet, you can prepare and archive a computer presentation, which your followers will be downloaded from your website.
In the end, provide a list of literature For small methodical developments devoted to the solution of one specific task, it may not be necessary. When writing large methods it is desirable to do so, because in any case, you enjoyed the works of his predecessors, at least in order to understand what they were wrong.