Use the standard. It is accepted that in most studies using the classic formulation: "the Aim of my work...", and it is written after the description of the relevance, at the end of the introduction. Further, the goal must be broken down into individual tasks that are documented in the list below. "To achieve the goal I set the following tasks..." - another line that should not be too hard to change.
Take the time to write the goal. Of course, you should clearly define it before the start of the work, but often already in the course you will expand and develop the project, which is why the old version needs to be rewritten. It would be best to write the goal in the moment, when the entire project is completed.
The goal should ideally coincide with the scope of work. Technically, if you don't end up fulfilled at least one of the tasks and thus has not achieved the purpose of his project, the text can be counted and sent back for revision. In terms of the competition or conference is unacceptable, so never take too wide a swing. Also, try to avoid too narrow options – profitable they will present the work of the evaluation Commission.
Write verbatim on the title. If you are completely decided on the title of the work, then the best option would be a repetition. Classic goal have to spell the name and explain it. Thus, having declared the work "the Problem of human aggression and its suppression in philosophy, to write is something like this: "the Aim of my work is to address the problem of innate human aggression and its suppression in modern liberal-democratic society".
Do not formulate too easy. Seeing the simple and clear goal of the work , the jury may find her too flat and primitive. The likelihood that your project will deepen, not so great, usually work checked immediately in large quantities. Seeing a goalmade challenging enough and (more importantly) a professional language, the jury will consider it more comprehensive. During protection work, on the contrary, try to formulate everything as simple as possible, then you will be easier to understand.