Battery: battery stops charging after it reaches a certain voltage. After the battery is fully charged, all energy coming to it exceeds its capacity. To get it, the battery has to give part of its energy, and recharge. This process has very negative influence on the device, quickly drained it shuts down. That's why determining the exact time of charge is very important.
Today, many batteries are equipped with a color charge indicators. They are located at the top of the device. To understand the condition of the battery, look at the color of the indicator bulb. The absence of color suggests that there is no charge, white color means low level, flooded with electrolyte, and the green shows fully charged battery.
There is a repaired and beyond repair batteries, differing ability to access banks with electrolytes. If the electric component box with sealed top cover illuminates the charge indicator white light bulb, you just have to throw it away. Nothing more you and he can not do. And in any case do not dilute the electrolyte with something else, especially sulfuric acid.
But to charge the repaired battery in this case you need to fill distilled water. To do this, lift the upper part of the unit, Unscrew the lid of the jar and add water to the required level. After that will just have to wait for fire green and disconnect the battery from the network.
In the absence of the unit of color charge indicator charge the battery more than 16 hours. To save the lifetime battery charge is not enough better than recharging.