You will need
  • software Battery Eater.
Improper use of the battery, the charge volume can be significantly reduced. Why is this happening? The perfect use of battery means full battery drain and then recovery of the charge, i.e. to use the power source to maximum. The fact that a partial discharge of the battery leads to record in memory this condition as the minimum value of the charge. Perhaps you have heard that when using any battery, it must be unloaded, and then to use the full capacity.
If you do not do a full battery discharge, over time it will dwindle. The restoration of the batteries is not always possible. To check your battery for state of health, use the program Battery Eater. When it starts scanning not only the power source but to the entire laptop. In the main window of the program displays 2 scales that can be 2 to the power source. The strip displays the current charge in percentage terms.
Initially, the program starts with the English interface, but in settings you can change the language to Russian. The above strips battery status will be displayed counters are: "Passed" and "Calculation". Using data from this program can be easily judged on the actual battery charge and the time you have before shutting down the laptop.