Family time

A gift doesn't have to be a real opportunity to spend time may be valued more than any useful things or souvenir.

If your mom loves to travel, the best gift for birthday can become a travel package. Try to show imagination and choose something unusual. For example, the original gift might be a ticket for a cruise. A cruise provides not only rest on Board, but often the opportunity to go ashore and explore the local attractions. Those who have unlimited funds, can choose the most expensive cruises in the Caribbean and other exotic regions of the globe. But even with a modest budget you can choose something suitable. Relatively inexpensive cruises are organized along the Mediterranean coast. You can also purchase a ticket on a cruise in Russia.

Tickets for the cruise can be purchased not only at a local travel Agency, but on the Internet that might be cheaper.

For those who don't like to go far from home, has its own version - the organization of the perfect birthday for mother. Take care of the festive evening - your mom will appreciate it. Invite her best friends, choose a menu according to her tastes. You can also arrange a surprise party, without warning the mom about the holiday in advance.

Keep in mind that not everyone will like the surprise party after work. It is better to arrange the weekend.

Gift certificate

Gift certificate can be a good choice if you are not sure what gift to get your mom the most. These certificates are offered by the shops of perfumery and cosmetics, clothing, home appliances and others. Before you purchase a certificate, ask the seller about how long the document is valid and how you can make it purchase - for example, do I have to spend the whole amount at once, or you can use a certificate in parts. If you decide to buy such a certificate, keep a receipt - this will help you to return your purchase if you anything not satisfied.

Gift with your own hands

Give something made with your own hands, not only child but also adult. Such a souvenir can become a more valuable gift, as it shows that you spent significant time to make mom a nice.

Your gift might be beautifully decorated family photo album. In stores you can find many ready-made albums, but to do it yourself will be much more interesting. Buy a simple album without plastic envelopes for photos. Decorate the cover to your liking - tapes, small fabric appliqués, dry flowers and herbs. Inside the photo album can be placed in chronological order or by themes - childhood, your mother, years of study, children, grandchildren. You can print photos in different formats, and make beautiful frames-Passepartout.