You will need
  • Detergents for cleaning vase and wild flowers for a bouquet, balloons and colored paper, fishing line, beads for garlands. The food in the refrigerator – for food, cardboard and stationery, as well as decorations for cards. Computer, scanner, pictures of my mom in the digital or in paper form, music, a blank disc to create the film.
So, the holiday is hastening with great strides to the threshold of your home. Time is short, let's get started. The day before the birthday agree with my dad, younger siblings, friends, mom is very urgently called for a walk. This will suit the Park, shops, even Biking. You need to be left at your disposal.
Armed with various cleaning products and gloves, start the fight for purity. Remove cobwebs from corners, wipe chandeliers, cornices, bookshelves and crystal clear the space of unnecessary things, shake rugs, wash floors. Ventilate the room, open all Windows and doors, of course, if the window is not severe frost. Everything must Shine and sparkle.
Now if close to home is a "piece of nature" - the meadow, gardens or shrubs, try to gather a bouquet. It may be the branches of lilac in late may or willow in the spring, irises from the flower bed my grandmother's neighbor. Only the neighbour will ask permission to avoid being branded a thief. If a holiday in the winter, the house certainly has a beautiful pot of flowering plant, attach the bow and place in the center of the room – a trifle, but nice. Perhaps with potted flowers will help your friend: take otherstock and plant a new plant in a pot half an hour of use. And for mom, a lover of flowers, this little joy.
The room can be decorated. Pull a thin line or a brilliant thread on the diagonal of the room, to her, attach balloons, paper ribbons, decorative beads and chains. From colored paper to make garlands at home if you have assistants in the face of younger brother or sister, they will gladly teach you this craft.
Came the sweet cake. Use what will be at hand. Who said birthday have to be cake? It can be fruit salad, neatly placed in the socket and decorated with stick-umbrella. May holiday meal will be Jell-o with fresh fruit or conventional Apple pie, turned into a seductive potion. Here in the first place are your imagination and desire to please, not culinary masterpieces.
Using stationery, and decorative knick-knacks make a gift card. Use beads, foil, rhinestones, dry glitter, ribbons and bows. Allow the garland to dry and write your greeting from the heart.
Finally - trump card. Calculate the time, this is the most difficult task of the day. If you are afraid not to have time, start to prepare in advance, but nobody realized. Pictures of my mom spread out in chronological order, from the year-old pups to a total family. If everything is in digital format – great, if not, then scan. Using the computer, make a movie gift for mom.
• Click on "start" in the lower left corner of the screen.

• Rise with the mouse to the word Programs.

• In the appearing pane, looking for the phrase "Windows Movie Maker", click on it.

• Open the program window, in the left corner - step by step guide to the creation of the film. Import family photos, use photo and video effects add my mother's favorite song. Save the project and write down on CD. Disk you can attach to the card.
Believe me, the joy of mom and the household. You will create not only the atmosphere of the festival, but will make it a childish kind, nice and pleasant.
How to make a handmade gift for mom on birthday