You will need
  • - flap of tissue measuring 20 by 40 cm;
  • - zipper length 17 cm;
  • - 50 g of yarn "iris";
  • hook;
  • - needle for suturing;
  • - thread to match the fabric.
Select a material for the future of cosmetics. It can be a piece of tapestry, velour, velvet, as well as any other beautiful fabric. Lining follow from satin, special lining, or normal cotton fabric. For winter cover, pick up thread, matching color with the top products.
Build the pattern on a sheet of paper. To do this, draw a rectangle measuring 17 by 12 cm, cut it out and trace on the wrong side of the fabric two times. Cut out the details, leaving the ACC 1.5 cm Vsheyte zip. Store details wrong side inside, align edges. Sew them on the sides and bottom. Remove the purse.
In the same way make a bag out of lining fabric. Its size should be 0.5 cm smaller than the bags that lining lie flat. Turn the piece so that the reverse surface of the fabric remained on the outside. Insert lining in bag and gently from the inside hem at the upper edge.
Tie with crochet hook case-size handbags. It consists of a rectangular part, which you then bend in half. Will look nice regular mesh of columns with nakida simple or simple pattern. If you know how to knit complicated items, complete the painting of large delicate flowers.
Attach purse in case, stitch unnoticed details at the top and along the bottom a thin thread. If desired, tie a thin cord-stick. Handbag, cosmetic bag as a gift for the mother ready. You can add some decorative element: butterfly bead or a small satin bow.
Make for mom greeting card from colored cardboard. Decorate the applique with the image of hearts, flowers, butterflies, etc. the Inner side glue bright paper and write warm wishes.