Make a newspaper, collecting pictures of my mom for the whole period of her life. To be able fearlessly to make collages or pasted on paper, scan all the photos with good resolution and print them in the right size. Text and poems better to invent your own.
In Microsoft Office there is a program for presentations – PowerPoint. With it you can do a virtual newspaper with music. Do not forget, if the celebration will be held in the restaurant, grab in addition to computer projector and a sheet of drawing paper or a special screen to show the results of your efforts.
With today's technical possibilities will not be a problem in advance to avoid all your relatives and friends with a camera to record their congratulations. Warn them ahead of time, so you do not have long to mount the footage, however, doubles can be more fun and more touching, they also can be used. Editing and overlaying music can be done independently, using a special program, such as Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 13.00.
Looks very impressive Billboard with a portrait of mom and words of congratulations. You can order and rent for a week.
Give mom the opportunity to relax and unwind – buy her tourist trip to the country or to those places she wanted to visit. Nothing can be a better gift than good memories, new experiences and joyful feelings from travelling.