The morning congratulate mom with a birthday present bouquet of her favorite flowers. It will be nice, just felt the occasion in the shower. But don't stop.
How to congratulate with happy birthday mom
This day free mother from household chores. Take the lead in preparing the holiday dinner. Prepare her favorite dishes and ask the most important guests.
If the financial side allows you to order your gala dinner in some cozy café.
During the dinner gave the mother primary gift, because flowers were only the beginning of the holiday. As a gift you can present jewelry. You can give the items: a bag, scarf, gloves. Gift wrap in a nice package. It will add festivity to the evening.
After a feast arrange some fun game that will amuse guests and the evening will end easy and fun. For example, are asked to play a simple game "guess". One of the players leaves the room, the others decide what thing to want to guess. The guesser returns and starts asking questions, trying on signs to identify the object. The others answer: "Yes" or "no". Any other explanation is prohibited. The guesser must correctly ask questions that they could answer according to the rule of the game. The winner is the guesser, who will be able to guess the subject after asking fewer questions.