If the clothing does not match the weather, every trip turns into a torture. Regardless of the vagaries of nature to feel comfortable, first and foremost, take care of the feet. Socks should be made of breathable material. To keep feet dry, cotton fabrics to choose not worth it. With this task perfectly cope socks with wool, and they significantly reduce the risk of blisters. When walking is too thin socks don't provide enough shock absorbency, because they wear also not recommended. To stay better on thick socks, but the shoes should not cramp.
Feet are the support of traveling, so the selection of shoes cannot be neglected. Well-matched casual shoes ankle locks, prevents from stretching the ligaments, softens when walking beats. To walk fit breathable, lightweight shoes with thick flexible soles that securely supports the arch of the foot. One pair of casual shoes is designed to pass approximately 900 km.
The amount of clothing in different periods of the year require different. Very important comfortable body temperature, so don't be afraid to bundle up. Remember that clothes can be removed, and to wear only at home. So to provide comfort, base layer clothing should be breathable and light. Clothing should be made of fabric that absorbs sweat. Cotton try not to use, it retains moisture, so the winter will freeze, and in summer to suffer from the heat. Perfect thermal underwear. Protection from weather conditions ensures outerwear. Use products made from breathable, waterproof fabrics.
Paying attention to clothes and feet, we must not forget about the other parts of the body. Summer sun can protect a breathable wide-brimmed hat or Panama. In the winter, don't ignore a hat and gloves. Also, don't forget to protect eyes and skin from sunlight.