The swimsuit needed to enjoy the waves of the Black sea. If you are planning to visit beaches or pools, then without them would be difficult. Of course, in Sochi there are shops where you can buy a leisure suit on the beach, but will be able to pick up what you like? Also for entertainment like this need shorts, a light sundress or pareo. Remember that you can get sunburn very easily, so sometimes you have to close it from the scorching rays.
It is important to bring in Sochi headpiece. Walk the streets or visit museums and tours, are swimming under the hot sun. Very likely heat or sun stroke, that is why all doctors advise you to cover your head. Panama, hat, baseball cap would be appropriate. Leaving in the afternoon from the room, don't forget to cover your head. Even climbing high into the mountains, strolling on a cloudy day, not a health risk, because overheating can spoil the holiday for a long time.
Sunscreen needs at any time of the year. Usually a person burns much faster than other parts of the body. And ugly burns or red nose useless. Use cream when you go out. It is necessary to take remedy with maximum protection if you plan to climb the mountain. There the UV is much stronger and, therefore, burns occur more often. You can also buy a cream that helps with the burning. If you still have to sit out in the sun, treat them the affected areas, this will reduce the discomfort will help to preserve the skin's moisture balance.
A small first aid kit would also be appropriate for travel. Gather her that was prescribed by the attending physician, as well as funds for the stomach in case of poisoning, drugs against diarrhea, disinfectant, injuries, antipyretic agents, as well as plaster and bandages. This set comes in handy if you get hurt or natret corn, if you eat something not edible or overheat in the sun. In Sochi there are pharmacies, but poor health is very difficult to find these institutions, it is better to have everything at hand.
In any tourist trip appropriate, comfortable shoes. If you plan to see the sights, visit the tour, take care of what you have on your feet. Your favorite sandals will be much better than new shoes. Take the road things that don't RUB, not too tight and fit to size. New shoes will distract attention, interfere with enjoy the city and beautiful views.