The tabs are small Windows in which is reflected the name of the site, as well as its reduced image of the screenshot. The browser was previously limited to the number of tabs, however recently the developers have introduced a new mechanism. The user can create an unlimited variety of Windows that are shifted down. If you have an older version of a browser, download the Internet new.
For this you can use "Update program". The software will automatically upgrade the version of your browser and pereustanovit in the operating system. The download time depends on connection speed of the Internet. You can also visit the official product website and from there, download the program with all updates. To avoid errors in the system, remove the old version of Opera browser.
Once the software is downloaded, install it on the hard disk of the personal computer. Open a web browser. To create a new tab, right-click on the " + " icon. Enter a site name and a link. Then click "Finish". A window will appear with the site. Now you can go to this portal with a single mouse click. Create more tabs. To switch between tabs, you just need to move one window of tabs in the place of another.
However, they will automatically be swapped. The same tab can open an unlimited number of times. If you do not have enough space to display the tabs, the system automatically moves it down. To view or click that window, you just scroll the mouse wheel down and click the left mouse button. In General we can say that switching tabs in Opera is easy enough, especially those who have upgraded version.