Use the easiest way - the Opera Link feature. This technology allows you to keep the bulk of user data and settings on the server. This is especially useful when working on another computer, since the information can be re-downloaded to the browser. To do this, access the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and click "All programs." Start Opera and open menu "File" of the upper service panel of the browser window. Select "Synchronize" and select checkboy in lines of information to save, in the dialog box. Sign up for free restore your settings.
Return to the main menu "start" to restore the bookmarks manually and click "All programs." Open the link to "Standard" and run the application "Windows Explorer". Navigate to имя_дискаUsersимя_пользователяappdataroamingoperaoperaprofileopera.adr and copy all the contents of the last file.
Open menu "Settings" upper service panel of the browser window Mozilla and enter the command "Import and export". Use the subcommand "Import bookmarks Opera" and specify the full path to the backup file .adr. Please note that, depending on the version of the browser, another possible way of saving the data can be imagescaling FilesOperadefaultsoperadef.adr.
Use specialized application of Portable Bookmarks freely distributed in the Internet. The program is designed to save these bookmarks across all browsers and their synchronization. There is a possibility of sorting bookmarks in several ways. It is worth noting that the possibility of saving all information on removable media will allow you to restore bookmarks , even with a complete reinstallation of the system.