The most common nickname striped cat – Matroskin. To paraphrase Roger Matroskina or Telnyashka - get a fun and original nickname. Nicknames "a La names" on the topic of banding sound in my own way, and are particularly suitable tender, valuing the owners of the cats. Such names can be: Polosatik, Poloskin, PAL-Polosy, Matronic or even Tigrija.
Because the sea and the vest – some of the most common associations with stripes, fantasize on these topics. Accurate and clear cat nicknames: Jung, Captain, Pirate, Ship, Sailor, cook, Pilot, Sailor, Fisherman and Vest. The Wake of the Storm, the Calm, the Wolf – extravagant and original names for the most striking representatives of their breed.
Cute and pretty sounding names-animal names and referring to them. If your cat is bright-eyed and active, you can call it bumblebee, drone or Buzzing. Nicknames beetle, Bug, Snakes, Snake is suitable for agile cat with a mild temperament and good disposition. Since strips can be very different – wide and narrow, vague and bright, choose a nickname can be based on texture coat. Zebra, Lynx, lynxes, Tiger, Tiger, Badger, Chipmunk, Raccoon, suitable for cats with appropriate drawings of stripes and certain colors of wool.
The owners sense of humor can take a chance to give the cat a nickname Stick, Stocking, Socks, Mattress, Tie, Rail or Boniface. Thick, lazy and gluttonous cat can be called a Watermelon or a Pumpkin. Skinny, elongated and nimble – Barrier, Squash or Zucchini.
Because striped cats – classic favorites children's writers and Directors, why not call them good recognizable name, as of old books? Nicknames Vaska, Boris, the kitten, Murka and Masha – cute and familiar, is experiencing now a second wave of popularity.
Striped cat color sometimes resembles a prison uniform – that's a reason to look for pet name in this area. For the cat-prankster and bully suitable nicknames gangster, a convict, a Veteran, a Bully, a Simpleton or Blockhead.
Sometimes, cat's stripes are so carefully drawn that it seems as if the animal was dressed up in a stylish suit from expensive fabric. Trendy image of such Pets can be stress, called Dandy, Dandy, Dandy, Dandy or Dandy. The names of popular stars of entourage, for example, James bond, brad, Cruz, Yudashkin and Zaitsev, Dior, Armani or Bender here, too, very helpful.