Advice 1: How to find address by phone number in Kiev

To find the address of any subscriber or of the organization for the room phone in Kiev can be in different ways such as resorting to the Internet, and without it. Which of them would be more effective, depends on many factors.
How to find address by phone number in Kiev
You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - help the staff of the office of the operator of the wanted subscriber;
  • - police
Go to one of the many sites with directories of Kiev. In the field of the search interface of the selected resource, enter the number of phone and other data known to you. Click "Find". The program will make a quick search according to preset parameters and in case of finding the right information, will give you the desired address.
Enter one of the rooms reference service of the city of Kiev - "09" or "+38 (044) 990-91-11". By number "009" is given pay reference incomplete numbers of Kiev.
Download in Internet and install it on your computer electronic telephone directory of Kiev, pre-scan it for viruses. Run the program and in the settings enter you room phone. Specify the type of search and click "Search". After a few seconds you will see the search result. If the bases in this guide will not need you addressand look for and install another similar program.
If you search the addressand number of mobile phoneenjoy the services provided by mobile operators as "locator", "spy", etc. of Course, the exact address of the person they are unlikely to help you to find, but to find out his approximate location you will be able to (indicating his map).
Please contact the Manager of salon of cellular communication operator that owns this number phone (if your city has its representation), asking them to help you learn how to find the address of the subscriber.
If the person broke the law and you, therefore, carry out his search, please contact the police with a request to help you in your search. Law enforcement powers allow them to obtain such information through a formal request to companies providing communication services.
Be careful with online services that offer to give you the information you need after you send the sms message to a specific number. Typically, these offers are fraudulent.

Advice 2: How to find address by cell phone

Any subscriber who wishes to know the whereabouts of the other person, can obtain the necessary information from your service provider (for example, "Beeline", "MTS" or "MegaFon"). This is possible due to the existing service which searches for subscribers by their cell phonem
How to find address by cell phone
The operator "MTS" the service of search is called "Locator". Her connection is available at any time of the day, it can be produced by a call to the short number 6677. In order to request the exact coordinates of the location of the subscriber need to dial the wanted number and send it to the above number. Perform all described procedures (and the activation and use of the service) is free for all customers.
It should be noted that, in addition to the operator "MTS", the locator also provides the company "Beeline". In this case activation is not required to find the subscriber, it is possible without delay at any time. To request the location coordinates of the person, send an SMS with the letter L to the number of technical support 684. The cost of each sent to the operator request will be 2 rubles 5 kopecks.
There are two ways to search for other subscribers on their cell phone for those who use the services of the "MegaFon". If you want to use the first method, you will need to connect the special service. However, it is not for everyone, but only for customers who registered on certain tariff plans. Here are two of them: "Ring-Ding" and "Smeshariki". The limitation in this case will be only parents and their children, as the service designed just for them. By the way, don't forget to at least sometimes go to the website of "MegaFon" and get the latest information about the services provided.
The second type of search available for all users of the network, restrictions on its use no not imposed. Just go to the website and fill out the request form, which is then send to the operator. After processing your application you will receive an SMS message with the coordinates of the location of cell phone and its owner.
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