You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - help the staff of the office of the operator of the wanted subscriber;
  • - police
Go to one of the many sites with directories of Kiev. In the field of the search interface of the selected resource, enter the number of phone and other data known to you. Click "Find". The program will make a quick search according to preset parameters and in case of finding the right information, will give you the desired address.
Enter one of the rooms reference service of the city of Kiev - "09" or "+38 (044) 990-91-11". By number "009" is given pay reference incomplete numbers of Kiev.
Download in Internet and install it on your computer electronic telephone directory of Kiev, pre-scan it for viruses. Run the program and in the settings enter you room phone. Specify the type of search and click "Search". After a few seconds you will see the search result. If the bases in this guide will not need you addressand look for and install another similar program.
If you search the addressand number of mobile phoneenjoy the services provided by mobile operators as "locator", "spy", etc. of Course, the exact address of the person they are unlikely to help you to find, but to find out his approximate location you will be able to (indicating his map).
Please contact the Manager of salon of cellular communication operator that owns this number phone (if your city has its representation), asking them to help you learn how to find the address of the subscriber.
If the person broke the law and you, therefore, carry out his search, please contact the police with a request to help you in your search. Law enforcement powers allow them to obtain such information through a formal request to companies providing communication services.