You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • phone.
To find a phone number address to any organization, use the electronic directory "Doublegis". You can download it from the Internet and install it on your computer, or to work with him in on-line mode. There is a special version of this Handbook, for use in mobile phones – it makes it available at any desired time.
Open the main window of the program "Doublegis", select the city that is desired by the organization. Enter the phone number in its designated field and click "Search". After a few seconds the program will give you the address and show it on the map (if desired data is contained in its database).
Search organizations in the system "Dublgis" you can implement one of the following ways: through a special search fields "Where" and "What" (as mentioned above); using advanced search; by choosing search on the map within a given radius; search for events in the directory of organizations. Any of these types of search are accompanied by tooltips.
Make a call your existing phone number. Politely ask where you were. Sometimes this is enough to know something about the organization.
Call the helpdesk 09, mobile phone – 090. Call your existing phone number and ask them to help you to find the right organization.
Make a search query through the browser of your computer. Specify in the search string the phone number of the organization and other known data, such as its name, the city in which it is located.
Open the Internet-catalogue of companies and organizations of the city you want, select the relevant sector and review the list of mobile phones looking for among them are available to you.
Use the resource It contains phone database of various cities of Russia. Select a region and enter your phone number organization in a special string. Click "Find". After a few seconds your screen will be the desired address (if the information is available in the program's database).