The main function rechargeable battery or battery in a car is start the engine. In addition, he is the source of power for various electrical devices: lights, heating, radio, alarm, fan heater and other when they are used with the engine off. To connect the battery, open the hood of the car and lock the support leg.
Inspect the installation site of the battery. Wipe it from dirt, dust and debris. The battery should fit up in the seat.
Inspect wire terminals and battery terminals. If they are covered with the oxide layer, and clean them. On the terminals after cleaning apply dielectric grease.
Install the battery pack. Connect to the battery terminals wires. First connect the wire to the positive, the positive output of the battery. Connect the second wire to the negative terminal.
If the car has any locking battery elements, for example, hold-down brackets, install them in suitable places and attach corresponding nuts of fasteners. Check up reliability of installation of the battery.
To check the correct installation of battery, switch on lights or other appliances. Their work will be an obvious sign that you have successfully coped with the task to connect a battery.