You will need
  • - linear wire;
  • - two power wires;
  • - capacitor;
  • - the fuse.
To connect to receiver active subwoofer, look on the back of the car two inputs and using linear wire connect the inlet of the head unit to the input of the subwoofer. Now connect the power: to do this pull the power wire from the positive terminal of the battery to the subwoofer. "Negative" wire should connect the battery and the subwoofer.
Connecting an active subwoofer to a car stereo involves the installation of additional components – fuse. To install it should be near the battery.
When playing low-frequency sounds considerably increases the consumption of subwoofer power, resulting in increased load on the elements that nourish the automobile onboard network. Therefore, to power a subwoofer install additional capacitor. Note: capacitor to be connected to the supply circuit of the subwoofer, given its polarity.
Correctly connecting the subwoofer to a car stereo, go to the speaker setup system. The whole setup is reduced to limit the upper limit of the low-frequency dynamics and to choose the right phase of the oscillation dynamics.
Remember: the main problem faced by the motorist-facing subwoofer system - bad convergence of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the subwoofer and midrange speakers. At the intersection of the frequency response can be either overestimation or failure, therefore, on some subwoofers, there is an option that gives the possibility to adjust the level of the boundary frequencies. If your subwoofer has this feature, be sure to configure it.