Electrolyte for battery is sulfuric acid (GOST 667-53) and distilled water (GOST 6709-53). For normal operation the battery must maintain a certain density of the electrolyte, which in the climatic conditions of Central Russia is 1.28 g/cm, However, in the process of using the battery the electrolyte level in the battery is changed, the density increases or decreases, which invariably leads to rapid discharge of the battery, and sometimes to breakage.
Experienced motorists renew the batteries by adding them to the electrolyte. For this, it is first necessary to prepare the electrolyte, which would require and 0.36 l sulfuric acid and 1 liter of distilled water. In the absence of distilled water you can use snow melt water or rain water that settles in non-metallic vessels. Tap water for making electrolyte cannot be used due to the presence of impurities of different metals, which lead to the deterioration of the battery.
Take a non-metallic bowl (ceramic or hard rubber Cup, lead the bowl) and pour it in 1 liter of distilled water, then pour in the water 0,36 l sulfuric acid in small portions, stirring continuously. Ready electrolyte close the lid and leave it on for 15-20 hours to fell a whole sediment.
Measure the electrolyte level in the battery. Dip a glass tube with a diameter of 3-5 mm in the fill hole of the battery until it stops and plug the top hole of the tube with your finger. Pull it away from the battery. The height of the column of electrolyte in the tube shows the level in the battery.
If you need to raise the electrolyte level, remove the filler plug, put it on fitting the vents as tightly as possible and fill the battery with distilled water up to the threads of the filler hole. Then remove the tube and put it in place. Charge the battery.
Measure the electrolyte density with a hydrometer car, suck the pear liquid from the battery. If the electrolyte density is less than required, the battery pour the prepared electrolyte, draining the extra mixture with pears. Typically, the electrolyte in batteries made up of the usual distilled water to the required level.