Place the battery under Windows, when installing heating radiators , this rule is basic. Mounted under the battery box creates a thermal curtain – a flow of warm air preventing the penetration of cold. Without it, the air in the apartment will quickly cool window glass and fall down.
The length of the radiator should be such as to cover the width of the window. To heating was not excessive, the installation of radiators provide adjusting valves or thermostats. The presence of valves useful in the repair of radiator — you will not have to turn off the water in the riser, just enough to close the valves.
When calculating the number of radiators on the room, consider the wall material and heat flow of one section used the battery (the data is in the settings). For heating of one square meter of apartment in a panel house requires approximately 0,04 kW. If the walls are brick, one square meter requires about 0,03 kW. Based on these data and areas of rooms, calculate the required number of sections of the radiator.
To the radiator did not give of the heat behind the wall, teploizolirovat it and cover with foil. Heat-insulating coating to prevent the heated wall, and the foil is to reflect heat rays into the room. The distance between the radiator and the insulation should not be less than 3-4 cm If you do not want to install the insulation, then at least cover the wall with foil.
To ensure proper airflow, mount the radiator so that between it and the floor was a distance of not less than 10 cm, and between the top edge of the battery and the sill — not less than 8 cm.
Changing the radiators in the apartment, be sure to consider withstanding their load. In high-rise buildings, pressure spikes can greatly exceed the value of 16 atmospheres, the limit for aluminum radiators. If you live in a high rise building, put bimetal radiator (aluminum on steel frame), they can withstand pressure up to 40 atmospheres.