You will need
  • elements the start system of the engine;
  • - battery;
  • - the probe.
Understand for themselves the system of electrical starting of the engine and the manner of its operation. The structure of the device included the battery, starter, traction relay, ignition switches and lock the starterand connecting the wires. When you turn the ignition key current from battery goes to the coil of the traction relay starter. The anchor of the relay lever and the drive clutch shifts, and the drive gear is mated with a gear wreath of a flywheel. This leads to short contacts and activate the motor starter.
To adjust the clearance between side gear and focusing disconnect the wire winding from the output of the traction relay, designated by the letter “M”. Connect the battery designed for 12V, to terminals “S” and “M”. The gear actuator shall move to the position of engagement. Using feeler gauge, check the clearance between the stop and the end face of the gear. If necessary, adjust by installing/removing spacers between the relay and the cover on the drive side.
To check pull-in winding of the relay connect the components to the starter motorfrom as indicated in the figure. The wire winding should be disconnected from the output, marked with the letter “M”. The battery is connected to the correct conclusions similar to the previous description. The gear is the normal retractor winding of the relay will move to a position of engagement.
To test the restraint winding of the traction relay, single output battery connect to the output "S", and the second to ground. The wire winding from the output “M” of the traction relay disconnect. Check for a faulty relay. If the gear repeatedly advances and returns, this indicates a breakage in the coil, and working on hold. Replace the traction relay.