If employment history is in your hands, to assure her a copy can be notarized. To do this you need to come to him with this document and to pay the agreed amount. The problem with the assertion in this case can only arise when incorrect processing of the record or the liner in it. For example, if there are any corrections without the required inscriptions "Corrected to believe" and signature.
When the work book is stored on the work to obtain a certified copy in the personnel Department. And in his absence – by the person responsible for this, chief accountant or the head of the organization. Give a copy of you are required within three working days after your treatment.
With the work book are copied all the pages, and a reversal is done on a separate sheet of A4. At the bottom of each page of the hand written "true Copy", and indicates the position responsible for this is his signature, and next to her signature. Then put the certification date and print service personnel or organization that needs a little to go to the text of the work book.
Upon the certification of the last page before the label "true Copy" should be specified if it still works this person or not. Usually spelled "Fired from such and such a date" or "Working on now". Similarly, a certified copy of the employment record usually require a Bank.
To assure employment and other method. Pages of the work are copied in a similar manner and sewn thread. All the sheets enumerated, and the last spell "bound and numbered a certain number of pages", then specify "true Copy", shall bear the date, the identity and position of the responsible person, signature, its decoding and the seal of the organization. Printing should also be on the bond thread.