You will need
  • - the original document;
  • - a photocopy of a document;
  • - the passport.
Make sure that the document can be notarized. Under the law, the notary has no right to attest documents that do not have registration number, date of adoption, seals and signatures of officials. In the text there should be no pencil entries, expungements and non-stipulated corrections (i.e. corrections not marked as "Corrected to believe" with signature and seal). Not certified laminated, old, hard to read documents, leaves with partial loss of text, with indistinct seal impressions. If the signature is made using a facsimile stamp or a color printer, this is also grounds for denial. A document consisting of several sheets must be numbered, stitched and sealed.
Prepare the necessary number of copies of all sheets of the document. If the information is contained on both sides of a sheet, a copy must also be bilateral. Photocopying can be arranged in the Houses of life, photo Studio, post offices, libraries, and printing houses, as well as in the notary offices. Photocopies of notarial deeds should be clear, the text legible, signatures and seals – are clearly audible.
Please contact the office for certification of documentswith the original, photocopies and passport. The employee of the notary's office will check the compliance of your document with all the requirements and will compare the copy with the original. After this, the first page in the upper right corner is stamped "Copy" and bottom right stamp with part of the name of the settlement (for example,". -"). On the last page of the copy stamped on the attestation copy and print notary, and next to them – the stamp with the end of the name of the village (in our example, "- VA"). These techniques allow to distinguish the authentic notarial copy from the fake.
Sign a certified copy from the notary. Sign in a special register, which should be recorded on the certification of copies of document indicating your passport data, name of document, number of pages and number of copies.