Add more exercise for the cardiovascular system in its regular training process. This type of load will help to quickly burn excess fat and calories. You will also be able to pull up those body parts that need it. Running and other outdoor sports that require cardio will promote weight loss in the legs and not only.
Include exercises from Pilates and yoga into the weekly training program. Just do them 2-3 times a week. Both of these loads will help to make the body more slender, in the legs. Pilates and yoga requires the participation of all the large and small muscles that are often not used for regular training. Accordingly, together they speed up the process of weight loss in the legs.
Add some variety to their regular training. The human body gets accustomed to workouts of the same type and requires something new. Constantly perform only climbs to his feet or running programs may slow down the path to success. So change your exercise equipment or playing sports, not to fall into stagnation.
Stick to balanced and healthy diet. Although you can only be concerned with pumped legs, actually, it is very important to comply with the General competent diet and exercise on a regular basis. These two points are inseparable from each other. While weight loss in the legs, try to consume less protein. Include in the diet more light food, such as bananas and fish.
Perform those exercises that help your legs get rid of excess weight. Many of the exercises involve almost 2/3 of the body weight. They are called compound. You do isolated. These include: leg lifts on the bar or lying, propriety or lifts hips. They will all help to achieve the desired result.