Every day 5-7 minute walk on a solid surface in socks. Muscles get a much greater load and begin to stretch. Don't be lazy. Regular exercise - the key to success.
Follow the walk on the outer and inner side of the foot alternately. The physical education lessons at school were not wasted - now you know how to perform many exercises to strengthen the foot. They will help to increase growth. Exercise should also be performed on a hard surface, daily and for at least 5 minutes.
Seize a pencil. Take a seat on the couch, on the floor, next put a pencil or pen. The fingers of one foot, while not helping another, grab and lift a pencil.
Do the foot massage yourself or from experts. The second option is better because the development of the muscles of the foot will be more professional, and hence more effective.
Roll the bottle. Take two glass bottles, sit down, put your feet on and roll on the floor only with his feet. The harder option is to stand near the wall, sticking his hands become two bottles and roll them in a standing position. As a support you can use the chair.
Pull on socks. Constantly and in any situation. Shoes off and carefully pull the toes forward. Do it at home, at work and at school. Only consistency will give effect.
Put the leg lift down on the bench, pull it out, lean all the weight and start to drag. Sock when it stretches forward. Proceed slowly and carefully not to accidentally damage the cords.
Use orthopedic insoles. Special insoles have an anatomic shape of the foot. Pick a convenient for you in the orthopedic shop with sellers carry at least three hours a day.