Post close shoes in the home. Go to a Shoe store and buy the so-called "stretching shoes foam or spray. Apply it on the shoes outside and inside and wait a few minutes until the product absorbed into the skin. Then put the still damp shoes on your foot (preferably on the waist band, not to knock the legs) and walk around the apartment for twenty minutes. For shoes that just need to "put the leg", one such "session" is usually enough. If the shoes are close – razmeshivaya them for three to four days, while in the last two days, wear a thick sock.
To stretch shoes is possible without using special tools, traditional methods. Wet shoes Cologne or vodka (you can even use plain water), wear shoes and walk around the apartment as long as the shoes are dry.
Tight shoes made of genuine leather can stretch in other ways. Take a sturdy plastic bag, place it in the cavity of the boot or Shoe, fill with water, how should I tie and put shoes in the freezer. As is known, water expands when it is frozen – so the ice will stretch the skin. To use this method should be with caution – especially with summer shoesYu is not designed for freezing temperatures.
If the shoes were too narrow and stretch them at home does not work, you can go to a Shoe shop. From the experts at the Shoe repair has a special device that mechanically (and quite strongly) to stretch narrow the boots or tight shoes. But don't count that it will occur "in the presence of the client" - such a streamer usually takes a day or two.